A Guide To Ductless Window AC Units

13 December 2017
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Whenever summer comes around, you start to see a bunch of ductless window AC units for sale at home improvement and retail stores. These are definitely attractive to some homeowners who are looking to beat the heat. But, before you invest in any window AC units, you need to do a little bit of research and make sure they are going to be effective and productive in your home. This article explains when and where window AC units work the best. It should help you determine whether they will be worthwhile for your home.

Convenience and Affordability

Ductless window AC units are definitely convenient, and this is why they are sold for so cheap at many home improvement stores. In fact, you can usually get a decent sized unit, that will put out about 10,000 BTU (enough to cool a full-size room) for less than $200. This is just fraction of the cost of retrofitting a central duct system with air conditioner and condenser units.

Window AC units can be plugged into any outlet, so they are extremely convenient. And of course, they are only suitable on windows that can be opened big enough to fit the unit. Before you go to the store, you need to measure your windows to determine if they will work.

They Have Limited Range and Efficiency

However, some home and apartment owners mistakenly think that these AC units will work throughout their entire house. That is, just one unit is only going to be functional in a small room, it won't cool off multiple rooms. You slightly can extend the reach of your AC unit by supplementing the airflow with fans, but this is just going to add to your utility bills.

Since window units rely solely on electricity to generate and circulate cold air,  they can definitely be energy hogs. If you are relying on a unit to cool down a large room for an entire day, you are going to see huge spikes in your bills.

Ultimately, window AC units are really great for small rooms, especially if you don't live in the hottest climate. If you only need to run your unit for a couple hours a day, it is a great way to make your room a little more comfortable. They are also great for homes that already have central air conditioning, but have certain rooms that need extra cooling. Contact a company, like GNL Heating and Cooling, for more help.