Two Possible Condenser Problems

25 March 2018
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Taking care of the HVAC system is going to increase the productivity of the most vital appliances. Large HVAC appliances, like the condenser, evaporator, furnace, and blower, can use a lot of electricity. If these appliances are not properly cared for, they will use even more electricity in order to compensate for their lack of productivity. This could represent a significant spike on your utility bill. Instead of just grinning and bearing it, smart homeowners will take a few basic steps to maintain the HVAC system and make sure that everything is running as efficiently as possible. This article focuses on a few basic components within HVAC system that you could check yourself. It should help you identify where the problems lie, and how the pros can fix them.

Checking the Condenser Coils

First, should check if the coils on your condenser unit or bent. The condenser unit is the large appliance that sits outside of the home. The house is a large fan and compressor which is largely responsible for powering the air conditioning system. The condensing process is vital to your AC system. The most important parts of the condensing unit are the exterior walls. This is where you can see the metal lines that wrap around the exterior walls of the cabinet. These are called the condenser coils. The coils are usually protected by a metal cage, but the cage bars are usually wide, and is very likely that certain parts of the coil system can get smashed flat. Bent coils aren't the end of the world, but they can contribute to an inefficient unit.

So, you can have a professional come straighten your coils using special devices. They will have to remove the protective cage around your condenser cabinet and clean the coils to remove any dirt in between the ridges. This repair might cost a couple hundred dollars, but it could result in colder air and stronger airflow when your air conditioning is running.

Making the Condenser Stable

Another possible problem is that your condenser unit is not set on stable ground. If, when your air conditioning is running, your condenser unit is rattling or shaking violently, it means that it is not on stable ground. A professional can come figure out what is causing the condenser to be uneven and make immediate repairs.

These are two common but, easily fixed problems associated with condenser units. They are complicated systems, and is best to let professionals work on them. Contact a service, like Day's Appliance Repair Heatg & Air Condtng Co, for more help.