Maintaining Your AC System

21 February 2023
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Air conditioning is essential to modern life, keeping us cool and comfortable during the hot summers. While many homeowners understand the importance of air conditioning in their daily lives, there are several widespread assumptions about air conditioning maintenance that can be costly.

Assumption: DIY Maintenance Is Sufficient

Many homeowners assume that DIY maintenance is sufficient to keep their air conditioning units running smoothly. While it's true that basic maintenance tasks like cleaning or replacing filters can improve air quality, DIY maintenance is not enough to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Professional air conditioning maintenance is the best way to keep your unit running smoothly and catch developing wear and tear before it turns into costly repairs. These services are a comprehensive solution that can meet your AC maintenance needs. This may include checking refrigerant levels, cleaning coils, and inspecting ductwork. 

Assumption: Skipping AC Maintenance Will Save Money

Homeowners may have the idea that regular maintenance is expensive. This s may cause them to assume it is more cost-effective to delay this maintenance work. Skipping maintenance can lead to reduced efficiency and increased energy consumption. If your air conditioning unit is not functioning efficiently, it will have to work harder to cool your home. This can increase energy costs while also causing the unit to suffer significantly more wear and tear.

Assumption: New AC Units Don't Need Maintenance

Some homeowners believe that new air conditioning units do not need maintenance. In reality, a new unit requires regular maintenance just as often as older units. Following sound maintenance practices when buying your AC unit can help extend its life. As an added benefit, proper care will keep your new AC unit running at optimal levels so your home can remain as comfortable as possible while keeping energy costs low. Lastly, neglecting maintenance on a new unit can void warranties and lead to costly repairs. Unfortunately, this is a benefit that people may not consider, leaving them without the benefits of warranty coverage.

Assumption: AC Maintenance is Only for Central AC Systems

Homeowners may associate routine maintenance with a central unit, but other styles of AC need maintenance. All types of air conditioning units require maintenance. Each type of air conditioning unit has its own specific maintenance needs. For example, window units require regular filters and condenser coil cleaning, while portable ACs require emptying the condensation catcher. Neglecting maintenance on any unit can lead to reduced efficiency and an increased risk of breakdowns.

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