So Long, MGM?

Some sad news to report this morning: One of our members told me that Masters Swimming was removed from the list of activities offered at the Ag School this Fall.

I want to review where we're at and what our options are. I'd also encourage anyone who is interested in continuing with this team to get involved and help find an alternative place for us to swim next season. It's probably best not for me to be involved in trying to retain time at AgSchool, but if you want to retain the program at that location, I encourage you to do what you can. 

First, some details: Last season our hours were cut by the Community Rep, Chris Neary. He told me that this was because he received complaints from other pool users that one or two of our members were rude to other swimmers at the pool. As a result he told me that the only option he had was to cut our hours.

I told him that this seemed like a really harsh penalty for a paying program with a long history at the School. During our conversation, I made it clear that I didn't even see how we could have a viable program with reduced hours. We have over 20 members, and during some seaons as many as thirty-five. Packing that many people into three lanes is just not an option for running a competitive team.  I also told him we'd consider ANY possible solution to retaining our hours including paying more money, scheduling alternate times, etc. 

Unfortunately, he said his decision was final. 

If anyone has any thoughts about getting pool time, please share them using the comment feature on this site to add comments to this post. If any of you are interested in maintaining the team at AgSchool, I encourage you to work with the Commuity Rep to re-establish these hours. As I've mentioned to several of you, I can't see how my continued involvement as a team manager can be beneficial if it's at that location, but don't let that stop you. Maybe you'll have better luck talking to Chris than I did.

If we can't find another spot to swim, I want to thank all of you for all the great times we've had at MGM. I made some really great friends here, and shared some truly memorable experiences. 


Ag School Cuts Team Hours Part II

Today I spoke with Chris Neary, Community Rep at the Ag School. He explained that he received complaints about one member of the first group -- I dont know who, but the incident took place last Monday -- who was rude to other swimmers at the pool. He mentioned that he's asked us twice before to police our members if they act up, and now had no choice but to cut back the entire program.

Today he told me that he had reached a final decision, and our hours now start at 8:00.

While this doesn't kill our team outright, it certainly limits how we practice: Having two groups makes us far more competitive, and allows for different styles of workouts. Now we'll be forced into crowded lanes and will have to practice on slower intervals, which hurts anyone interested in serious competition. 

If anyone has any ideas of how to proceed, please feel free to share them with the team.

December Season News



Today I dropped off a check to the Ag School for $1000 to pay for our team's lane use. Chris Neary wasn't in today, so I didn't have a chance to talk to him about the confusion over our schedule and the team's use of the pool. I will try to do so this week. 

Traditionally, in exchange for our payment, we've gotten the use of three lanes during our allotted times, and have agreed to share them with other swimmers at the pool when our numbers are low.

check to ag schoolNone of this is set in stone -- there are no contracts -- but it's been like this since our team started paying for lane lines over six years ago. Please remember to be courteous to other swimmers at the pool who might not be familiar with our program. 

Team News

The team first team looks quite strong again this year, with two new team members, Mike and Rick. These guys are great additions, and it's awesome to see some new faces on the team.

Unfortunately, injury has really hurt the 2nd unit. Chad, John and Emily are out for the season with some really serious knee/shoulder issues. Chad and Emily are recovering from surgery, and I think John is considering having work done on his shoulder, too.


If you haven't paid your 2013 team dues yet, please do so. I'm trying to figure out our options for team swag this year, and noticed yesterday that our paddles are disintegrating.  Please pay through the team website at

Closed Sunday

The Ag School is closed on Sunday, Dec. 16th. No practice tomorrow.

OK: Fun Time's Over

Hey, Swimmers: It's November, and that means it's time to officially ring in another season of Masters Swimming. The team is registered, the pool is open, and the 'pay your dues page' is back up online.

Unfortunately, a few (well...all of them really) members of the 2nd group have apparently been having such a good time that they haven't bothered to show up on deck. (The first group is doing fantastically, really. They even have a couple of cool new members!) But the second group? Well...pathetic, really. 

Let's quit this nonsense: Fun time's over. It's time to get back in the water and start killing it again.

See you all on-deck! In the meantime, please visit to get started.

ALSO: I Highly Recommend loging in to your mgmwebsite account Before you pay your dues. (Otherwise, the site can get confused and strange things can happen. If you don't have a log in, just request a new one on the same page:

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