A Guide To Ductless Window AC Units

13 December 2017
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Whenever summer comes around, you start to see a bunch of ductless window AC units for sale at home improvement and retail stores. These are definitely attractive to some homeowners who are looking to beat the heat. But, before you invest in any window AC units, you need to do a little bit of research and make sure they are going to be effective and productive in your home. This article explains when and where window AC units work the best. Read More 

Did Your New Home Come With An Old Furnace? 3 Signs That It May Be About To Fail

6 November 2017
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When you bought your new home, you knew that it would likely have a few quirks. While some things are easy to fix yourself by slapping on a fresh coat of paint or retiling the floor, the furnace is one area that is best left to the professionals. Fortunately, most heating systems give a few warnings before they completely go out. As you fire up the furnace this season, keep an eye out for these signs that heating repairs should be on the top of your to-do list: Read More 

Zone It: 3 Methods For Creating Cooling Zones In Your Home

23 February 2017
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Are you struggling to keep every room in your home cool, yet still comfortable? If so, you'll likely need to address your HVAC system. Through upgrades and additional units, you will essentially create different "zones" in your home. This allows you to control the temperature in each zone, which keeps your entire home cool and comfortable during those hot summer months. So how can you create HVAC zones in your home? Read More 

Choosing A Location For Your Outdoor Air Conditioner Unit

16 January 2017
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When your HVAC technician arrives to install your air conditioning system, one of the first things they're going to ask you is where you'd like to place the outdoor AC unit. It's important to put some thought into this ahead of time so you don't accidentally choose an unsuitable location because you're forced to make the choice on the fly. Keep these dos and don'ts in mind as you settle on the best location. Read More