Zone It: 3 Methods For Creating Cooling Zones In Your Home

23 February 2017
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Are you struggling to keep every room in your home cool, yet still comfortable? If so, you'll likely need to address your HVAC system. Through upgrades and additional units, you will essentially create different "zones" in your home. This allows you to control the temperature in each zone, which keeps your entire home cool and comfortable during those hot summer months.

So how can you create HVAC zones in your home? Here are three tips:

1. Install More Air Conditioners

One of the easiest methods for creating temperature zones in your home is to install more central cooling systems. Ideally, you should place this additional system in the area of your home that you are struggling to keep cool. If you have a multi-level home, you'll likely want to place this second unit on the top floor of your home. While pricey, having another system provides many benefits such as providing ultimate comfort. It also offers back-up cooling in the event that your main system encounters issues.

2. Opt For A Ductless System

Another option available for creating cooling zones is to install a ductless system. These systems are similar to central air conditioners, but they have one major difference: air handlers. Unlike traditional air conditioners, these units utilize air handlers to direct the cool air. These slim devices can be placed virtually anywhere: along the wall, the ceiling, or even freestanding. Plus, each of these handlers can be controlled separately. This allows you to customize the temperature of each room in your home easily. Unfortunately, this method can be quite pricey depending on how many air handlers you want to install.

3. Add Air Valves In The Ducts

For a more affordable option, consider having air valves installed in your ducts. These valves will automatically open and close to direct the cool air more efficiently. While you cannot control the exact temperature in each room with this method, you can make each room more comfortable. This is because the system will automatically detect which rooms need more cooling and then open up the air valves. Installing air valves in the ducts is simple, effective, and the most affordable option for creating a zone system.

As you can see, there are many methods available for creating cooling "zones" in your home. Whether you want to overhaul your HVAC system or simply install some air valves, each of these methods will surely make your home much more comfortable during the summer months. For more information on each of these methods, contact a local HVAC technician.