Discover The Importance Of Annual Air Conditioning Services

24 March 2015
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Most HVAC contractors, such as A One Heating & Air Conditioning, and air conditioner manufacturers recommend that you have your central AC unit professionally serviced once a year in order to keep it in tip top shape. However, if you are like many homeowners, you may choose to pass up on these maintenance services each year if your AC unit seems to be functioning properly. Below you will learn more about a few of the many different reasons why this is never a good idea.

Annual Air Conditioning Services Can Lower Your Energy Costs

Even if your central air conditioner seems to be working fine, this does not mean that it is working at maximum efficiency. This is because over time, air conditioners will become clogged with the dust and debris that is found in your home's air supply. As this debris continues to buildup inside the unit, the unit will require more energy in order to keep air circulating properly. This inevitably leads to higher energy bills for you each month.

When you have your AC unit professionally serviced each year, your HVAC contractor will remove any debris that has built up inside your system, therefore restoring the natural flow of air through the system. Not only can this greatly improve the performance of your air conditioner, but it can also help to significantly lower your monthly energy costs.

Professional Maintenance Services Can Help Protect Your Warranty

If your central air conditioning system is still relatively new, chances are, you are relying on the manufacturers warranty that accompanied this system to cover the cost of any repairs that may become necessary in the near future. However, if you have neglected to properly maintain your air conditioner, you may find yourself unpleasantly surprised when you go to file a claim against this warranty. This is because most manufacturers warranties will include a maintenance clause that requires you to follow through with all recommended maintenance in order for the warranty to remain valid. Manufacturers include this clause in order to prevent themselves from paying for repairs that could have been avoided through the use of proper maintenance.

When filing a claim against your warranty coverage, you will likely be asked to provide documentation regarding the maintenance the system has received. If you are unable to product this documentation, your claim will typically be denied. Thankfully, taking advantage of an annual maintenance contract through your local HVAC contractor can prevent you from finding yourself in this situation.