Using A Programmable Thermostat To Reduce Monster Mayhem

28 May 2015
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Remember the old film Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman? All was well until a little extra heat thawed the creatures out from their frozen suspended animation. If you are worried about frozen creatures below your castle thawing and waking, install a modern programmable thermostat and make sure it is properly set to ensure no monster mayhem occurs.

Temperatures Change Unexpectedly

One of the best reasons to install a programmable thermostat to the air conditioning system is to avoid troubles with changing temperatures. Imagine if you are away from the castle on a laboratory equipment buying trip or, simply, working your day job. Setting the thermostat at a fixed number is not always the safest plan.

An unexpected weather change could send temperatures hitting 90 degrees and your castle is not going to be all that enjoyable to come home to—and then there is the little matter of those creatures in the cave thawing out.

Maximizing the Value of the Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat is the first step towards overcoming such problems. Taking the following steps maximizes the benefits of the programmable thermostat:

  • Review the Week's Temperature Report

Check out the predicted temperatures for the entire week. Do not just look at the expected highs and lows of the temp. Examine all the possible changes of the temperature throughout the day. Doing so ensures the proper consistency.

  • Weigh Other Factors

Looking at changes in the weather or other special considerations for the week aids in making better programming decisions. You likely don't want to crank up the air conditioner on nights the temperature drops to 60 degrees. What about the night of the full moon? Programming the thermostat to keep the temperature as low as possible on the three nights of the full moon helps reduce the chances you come home to a thawed out Wolfman in your living room.

  • Utilize a Smartphone App

Emergencies can and do arise. Sometimes strange, unpredictable upticks in the temperature can occur at odd times during the year. A programmable thermostat capable of being controlled remotely through an app on a smartphone could prove to be a huge help.

Problems Averted

Not everyone is a mad scientist nor does the average person have to worry artificial humanoids or lycanthropes awaking. Everyone on a budget, however, does have to worry about high energy bills and poor energy efficiency. With a programmable thermostat, you could cut down on those concerns. Contact a company like Wright Total Indoor Comfort for more information.