Pros and Cons of Converting to a Gas Furnace

5 October 2016
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If you currently have an oil furnace and are trying to decide whether or not you should convert to gas, you're in the right place. Both oil and gas furnaces have their strengths, but there are definite pros and cons to switching. As a homeowner, you want to know not only whether a gas furnace will serve you better and save you money, but also whether it will be safer and add value to your home in case you ever want to sell it. Here are some of the main pros and cons of switching to a gas furnace from an oil furnace.


If you switch to natural gas heating, it's true that you can save a lot on fuel over time. This is especially true when the prices of oil climb through the roof, which happens fairly regularly. In fact, when oil prices rise, gas heating can sometimes cost less than half as much per year as oil heating. In more reasonable years, there are still savings, but not such drastic ones. In addition, installation can be less expensive for gas heating systems than oil ones so, if you're in a position where you have to replace your oil furnace anyway, switching could be a very good option right now. It's also a better option if you're an eco-friendly homeowner. Although both gas and oil furnaces come in high-efficiency models now, natural gas is less damaging to the environment than oil burning is.


If you don't need to replace your furnace right now, switching could cost you an extra several thousand dollars so, unless you have a well-padded home maintenance budget, your savings could take quite a hit from this decision. You'll have to factor in labor expenses for the contractor and hookup fees as well. And, although natural gas has historically been more affordable than oil, that could always change, so your results aren't guaranteed. It's also true that switching to a new system can incur additional expenses that you wouldn't have if you were simply switching to a newer oil furnace. For example, disposing of your oil storage system safely can be a considerable expense.

These pros and cons show that while it's possible to have better long-term results with a natural gas furnace replacement, you'll also need to plan on making a considerable investment of time and money. Fortunately, Hartman Heating, Air and Fireplaces can help you make the transition with as little expense and inconvenience as possible.