Get Maximum Performance From Your Furnace With These Tips

27 October 2016
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Some property owners do not know the importance of maintaining their heating systems. When this important detail is overlooked, it can lead to premature furnace repairs. The following are a few things you can do to ensure that your heating system performs optimally when you need it most. 

Start the cold season off with a heating system tune-up. 

The best way to ensure that your heat is working when the coldest temperatures hit is to ensure that you get a tune-up. The timing of this service is also important. Waiting until the coldest temperatures arrive means that you could be without heat due to high demand for heating services. Schedule your tune-up at the beginning of the fall to reduce the chances of a mishap such as furnace failure occurring. 

Ensure that vents are open and unblocked.

A number of things may be blocking the air vents in your home. Common culprits are draperies and furniture. Take a stroll through your home and note areas that need adjustment. You may have to rearrange furniture and raise or tie back draperies. If you have had your tune-up performed when you do this walkthrough, then you may not have debris on your vents because cleaning your heating system is part of the tune-up service. However, it is possible that other household dust may have settled on your vents. Wipe the vents to remove superficial dust, which can be an allergen for some individuals. It may also harden over time if it is not removed. This can happen if dust and moisture mix or as a result of thick coats of dust never getting removed from vents.

Maintain a proper air filter changing schedule.

Dirty filters can cause a number of issues for your heating system. One of the most serious issues is a potential fire. Less serious but problematic issues include interference with energy efficiency and dust spreading in the system. You may also need to increase the frequency of filter changes if you have someone in your household with allergies or a respiratory condition. 

Get your insulation checked.

Perhaps you get your annual heating system tune-up. You may also follow a strict air filter changing schedule. However, your heating bills may continue to be high or you may feel as though it is difficult to heat your home completely. This may not be an actual heating system issue. Your home may be losing heat as a result of poor insulation. An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use to determine why and how your home is losing heat.