3 Options To Consider For Converting Boilers To Biomass Fuels For Lower Energy Costs

12 June 2018
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Do you have an old and outdated gas or oil boiler that is costing a fortune to run? It may be time to consider replacement or conversion to renewable energy. Biomass is a great option to consider, which gives you several options for an energy-efficient boiler. It can use waste in agricultural operations or smaller fuel materials in commercial or residential installations. There are also indoor and outdoor boiler solutions. Here are some of the different choice to consider for converting to biomass energy:

1. Outdoor Boilers for Rural Homes and Agricultural Heating Solutions

If you want to have a simple way to convert to biomass, outdoor boilers are a great solution. These work well in rural areas like farms and other rural properties. The outdoor boilers can be small wood-burning boilers to heat a small home, or they can be larger boilers that use agricultural and forestry waste as a source of fuel. Outdoor boilers are also great for communal heating solutions that can provide energy to multiple buildings on a ranch or farm.

2. Converting Old Oil Boilers to Biomass by Installing A New Burner and Control Module

If your existing boiler is an old oil burning system, it is easier than you think to have it converted to biomass fuel. The first thing that will need to be done is installing a new burner with a fuel feeding system, which will need to use smaller materials like biomass fuel pellets. In addition, the boiler will also need to have a new computer control module installed, which will be used to adapt the boiler to the new pellet fuel materials that are going to be used.

3. Forced Air Heating and Small Biomass Boilers for Homes And Commercial Businesses

If your home or business as forced-air HVAC design, biomass can also be used to provide heating and hot water. These systems will need to have a heat exchanger installed inside the duct system to provide the heating. The system will use a small boiler to provide thermal energy to the heat exchanger and heat air-conditioned space. These systems can also be used to provide hot water to help lower energy costs even more for your business or home.

These are some of the different options to consider for converting to biomass fuels. If you are ready for lower energy costs, contact a boiler service and ask them about some of these options to convert to biomass energy. For more information, contact companies like Comfort Solutions Inc.