3 Things To Know If You Are Considering Replacing Your Central Air

14 February 2019
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Central air conditioning is a normal type of system found in most homes today, and it is the system that offers a simple way to cool a house during seasons when it is hot outside. If your system is not working as well as it should, it may need repairs or it may need to be replaced, and here are three things you should know if you are considering replacing your central air conditioning system at this time.

Signs That It Is Time to Replace It

Most central air conditioners will last around 12 to 15 years, and they tend to last longest when they are properly maintained each year. If your system has reached the 12-year mark, now is a good time to start thinking about replacing it, especially if you experience any of the following problems with it:

It breaks down every year – If you have to call for repairs on your AC system every year, you might be better off replacing it next time to goes out instead of dumping more money into repairing it.

Your energy bills keep going up – Another sign that you should consider replacing your system is when you notice that your energy bills keep going up. While small increases are normal, you should not see large increases in your energy costs every single year when running your AC system.

The system is noisy – A noisy system can also be a sign that you should consider replacing it, especially if it gets noisier each year.

These are three signs that can indicate that an AC system is worn out and should be replaced. While you might be able to make repairs to keep the system running for a few more seasons, you should consider some of the benefits of replacing the system.

Other Good Reasons to Replace It

There are several good reasons to replace a system when it is old and worn out, and one of the top reasons is to save money. Newer systems are a lot more efficient than older ones, and this means that you will use less energy to keep your house cool. Using less energy means that your utility bills should drop. This is a huge benefit you will experience if you replace your system.

Secondly, older systems often use R22 as the coolant. This coolant is slowly being phased out and replaced with a more efficient and more environmentally safe coolant, which is called R410A. Because this transition is occurring, R22 will become harder to get, and this will cause the costs of the coolant to keep rising. If your system needs a recharge and contains R22, it may cost you a lot more money to get the system charged. R410A is a lot more affordable, is very efficient, and is much better for the environment.

Extra Steps Might Need to Be Completed

When you hire a company to replace your AC system, the entire project may take a day or two to complete. It will begin with disconnecting the old system and then attaching the new system to your ductwork and to the thermostat. It may also include replacing ductwork if the ductwork is bad or if it was installed improperly. After everything is attached, the contractor will charge the system with the coolant, and it should begin working as soon as you turn on the thermostat.

If you think that replacing your system is the best option at this time, you can get a quote for services by contacting a company that offers air conditioning installation services such as AC Service Today. Give a company a call today to learn more.