2 Signs That Your Central Air Conditioner's Fan Motor Is Failing

16 May 2019
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While feeling the air coming out of your vents, you may have noticed that while it still feels cool, the air is no longer blowing as strong as it has in the past. If so, the motor that powers the fan inside of your air conditioning unit may be going bad. Below are a couple of signs indicating that this may be the case.

1.  Rattling Noise Is Heard While the AC Unit Is Running

One sign that your AC unit's fan motor is going bad is a rattling noise that is heard while the unit is running. At first, you may only be able to hear this sound when you are standing directly next to your air conditioner. However, as the motor continues to fail, the noise may become so loud that you can hear it in your house.

This rattling sound is made when the motor starts to struggle when trying to turn the fan blades. Because it cannot smoothly rotate the fan, the fan may become off-kilter and start to vibrate when attempting to turn.

However, the problem could also be caused by a loose fan. A repair technician can look at the unit and let you know which problem is causing the noise.

2.  Exterior Fan Blades Are Either Slow or Not Moving at All

Another sign that the motor for your AC's fan is no longer functioning properly can be detected by examining the motion of the exterior fan located on the top of the unit. While the compressor is running, watch the blades to see if they are moving smoothly at a high rate of speed. If not and the blades seem sluggish or are not moving at all, the motor may be going bad.

If the motor is going bad, you need to have it examined by a professional as soon as possible. If air is not circulating throughout the unit properly, it can cause other issues, such as overheating the compressor or causing the unit to freeze up. If these problems arise and continue, you may be faced with more repairs besides having the motor fixed or replaced.

If you notice the signs above, there is a good chance that the fan's motor is failing and needs to be looked at by a professional. Contact an HVAC contractor who offers air conditioning repair services to have them inspect the motor and discuss your options for repairing or replacing the part if it is found to be faulty.