Have A Room That's Not Being Heated Properly? It Could Be Due To These Reasons

13 January 2020
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Does your home have a room that feels colder than the others during the winter? This can leave you wondering why it's happening. You may figure you need to bring in a space heater to make the room warmer. Here are some things that could be causing the room to be colder than the rest of your home.

Closed Registered

Sometimes the problem is the simplest. Make sure that all air registers going to the room are open. Someone may have closed a register at some point because they were feeling too hot in the winter or too cold during the summer. If a room has two registers, make sure that both are open and allowing the heat to flow into the room.

Blocked Registers

It's important that all of the registers are not obstructed by furniture. For example, if you have a register along the floor of a bedroom, make sure that the bed is not pushed up against it. All of the heat could end up trapped underneath the bed and not warming up the rest of the space. The same also needs to be done with the return air vent, which allows the air to circulate through the room and heat it evenly.

Closed Dampers

Even if the registers in the rooms are open and clear of any obstructions, the problem may be with the dampers going to that room. You may notice in your basement that your ductwork had handles or wing nuts in odd places. These are actually dampers that allow you to turn off the heat going up an entire section of ductwork. Someone may have mistakenly closed a damper not knowing what they were doing, or you closed a damper in the past and simply forgot about it. Try moving the damper and seeing if it gets the heat flowing to the room.

Improper Ductwork

Is the room that you're having problems heating an addition? If so, the contractor that built the addition may not have added onto the ductwork properly. If they did not put in natural curves so that air can flow to the addition naturally, the air is likely not making its way to the room. A common mistake is creating a hole in the existing ductwork, but the air will not flow into the hole at a 90-degree angle when it is following the natural curves that are in it. You'll need a heating service to put in a new section of ductwork.