Tips For Clearing A Drain Clog When You're Unable To Operate A Plunger Or DIY Auger

17 March 2020
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A simple clogged drain is frustrating when you have arthritis or other condition that causes your arms or hands to be weak. Plunging can sometimes clear a clogged drain, but you often have to use vigorous and forceful movements that you may not be able to do. Here's a look at some easier ways to clear a drain and when it's best to call a plumber.

Try To Break the Clog Apart

It may be possible to pull out a clog or break it apart if it's near the top of the drain. Use a wire coat hanger if you have one or something similar. Poke it in the drain to see if you can grab or poke through the clog. If the clog is very deep, or if it's made of grease, a coat hanger probably won't be very effective. However, you might get lucky and grab onto a solid clog or at least break it apart so water flushes the clog down the drain.

Pour In Hot Water

Hot water can be good to melt a grease clog so it slides through. Heat water on the stove in a teapot so it's easy to pour. Don't boil the water since water that's too hot might damage your pipe. However, the water has to be hotter than what comes out of the faucet. You may need to make several attempts to get the clog to move through.

Get a Plumber's Help

While you can keep some useful tools around the house for clearing a clog, such as a small drain auger, they won't come in handy if you're unable to turn the crank due to arthritis in your hands. If no one lives with you who can use a plunger or small auger, then it's time to call a plumber. This is a better option than using chemical drain cleaners that might not work anyway or that might even harm your pipes.

Your plumber may try to use a plunger to clear the clog for you quickly. If the clog is a stubborn one, it may be necessary to bring in a commercial auger or water jet. A water jet could be the best option since this cleans the sides of the drain so you can be sure the clog is gone for good and none of it is left behind to give you more trouble in a few days.

Clearing out a clog is something that has to be done so you can get back to your usual routine. If you don't need emergency service, you may even find that clogged drain cleaning is an affordable service call that's worth the expense just to get your life back to normal.