Everything You Need To Know To Prepare Your Home For Furnace Replacement And Planning The Energy Efficient Improvements

23 April 2020
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If the time has come to replace your heating system, there are a lot of things to do before the new furnace can be installed. You will want to plan your furnace replacement and make sure you are prepared for the project. You may also want to add energy efficient improvements to your home when the new furnace is installed. The following information will help you prepare your home for furnace replacement and choose the right improvements for a more efficient heating system:

1. Plan Your Furnace Replacement with A Qualified Heating Contractor and Talk to Them About the Heating Needs of Your Home

Start your furnace replacement project by contacting a qualified heating contractor. Talk to them about your current system and any problems that you have with your heating. Plan the new furnace installation and address issues like drafts and areas of your home not getting heating during cold weather.

2. Inspecting the Ductwork for Problems and Upgrades That Need to Be Done Before the New Furnace Is Installed

There may be some repairs, improvements and changes that need to be done to your ductwork before the new furnace is installed. The HVAC contractor that does the installation can inspect the existing ductwork and recommend repairs and improvements. The ductwork needs to be repaired and updated before the new furnace is installed in your home.

3. Improve the Insulation of Your Home and Address Problems with Air Leaks and Cold Drafts

The insulation of your home is also important, which is why you should do an energy audit before replacing your furnace. This will tell you where there are air leaks and where you need to improve the insulation. In addition, you may want to add vents to some areas of your home that are colder and don't get enough heating during the winter months.

4. Choose the New Furnace and Renewable Energy Solutions to Add to Heating During Your Installation

Today, there are a lot of choices for the furnaces that you have installed in your home, which can be gas, high-efficiency electric systems and furnaces that use renewable energy. Options for renewable energy include electric furnaces with solar power integration, biomass, and systems that use geothermal heat exchangers to improve the efficiency of HVAC.

These are some of the things that you will want to do to prepare your home for a new furnace and improve the efficiency of your heating. If your furnace is outdated and failing, contact a furnace replacement service like Service Tech, Inc. to update your system before the weather gets cold again.