Using A Humidifier To Improve Your Home's Air Quality

30 June 2020
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Regulating the humidity in your home can be a necessary step for keeping the quality of the air as high as possible. Unfortunately, homeowners will often find that the humidity levels in their homes are either too high or too low, which can lead to a range of problems. Humidifier systems can be useful in allowing you to more effectively regulate the temperature in your home, but you may not have previously used one of these systems before.

Appreciate The Benefits A Home Humidifier System Can Provide

Having extremely low humidity in your home can actually cause a number of comfort problems. For example, you may find that your skin can become very dry and itchy as a result of the lack of moisture. Additionally, those with breathing problems will often find that inhaling extremely dry air can actually make their symptoms worse. A home humidifier can be an easy-to-use and inexpensive way of raising the humidity level in the home so that it will be high enough to minimize these problems.

Invest In A Humidity Monitor

While humidifiers can be extremely effective at raising the humidity level inside the home, you will need to be able to measure the humidity level in the home in order to be able to know the setting that you should keep your humidifier at. Luckily, humidity monitoring systems are relatively inexpensive and compact. This can allow you to easily use one of these devices in your home without having to dedicate unnecessary space for it.

Always Use Distilled Water In The Humidifier

Making it a point to only use distilled water in the humidifier can help to avoid some potentially serious malfunctions with the system. Tap water can contain a high concentration of minerals, and these can start to collect in the humidifier so that the unit may become clogged or experience difficulty drawing enough water. Distilled water will be free of these excessive minerals so that you can use the humidifier without having to worry about it becoming clogged.

Empty The Humidifier When You Are Not Using It

There may be times when the humidity level is high enough that you may not need to use the humidifier system to supplement it. When this is the case, you should remove any water from the humidifier's reservoir. Otherwise, bacteria and mold could start to grow in the unit. This could severely reduce the air quality in the home the next time that you activate the unit, and these substances may even be able to clog the mechanical components of the humidifier.