Air Conditioning Replacement With Energy-Efficient Systems That Reduce Utility Bills

31 August 2020
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Replacing your air conditioner may be an improvement project that you are planning for your home, and you want the most energy-efficient solution. Today, the options for air conditioning replacement can help greatly reduce utility bills during the summer months. The following air conditioning replacement options will give your home an efficient cooling solution in time for next summer.

Heat pump AC systems that are efficient and versatile—Heat pump air conditioners are slightly different from conventional AC systems. They do not use the same compressed gas system that conventional condensing coils use. Instead, they use a heat exchange element that removes thermal heat from the air that passes through the unit; this provides a much more efficient cooling solution for your home.

Compact ducts that provide efficient HVAC to older homes—Another type of system to consider for your air conditioning replacement is a compact duct system. This is a great solution for old homes—especially if you are planning on doing renovations with an addition. The new compact duct systems have a higher rate of airflow that makes them more efficient—and smaller duct pipes that can be installed in tight spaces. The duct lines are not any wider than a plumbing drain pipe, which makes them ideal for renovations and adding air conditioning to existing and new areas.

Evaporative cooling and hybrid AC systems for efficiency—Another option to consider for your home is an evaporative cooling system. When you are planning to replace an air conditioning system, consider hybrid systems that use both evaporative cooling and conventional AC to provide the cooling for your home. The evaporative cooling element of the hybrid systems will provide your system cooling from the natural process of evaporation, which uses a lot less energy than the compressor of more traditional air conditioners.

Efficient AC cooling system that is powered with solar panels—Today, there are also options for high-efficiency AC systems to keep your home cool. These air conditioning systems can be efficient enough to be powered by solar panels, which can help you further your energy savings from an investment in replacing your AC. These systems are ideal for smaller spaces because fewer panels are needed to power the air conditioner.

These are efficient air conditioning solutions that will help reduce your summer energy bills. Contact an air conditioning replacement service to talk to them about these options to keep your home cool during the hot summer.