Old Man Winter Is Coming: Make Sure Your Furnace Is Ready

23 September 2020
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Fall is almost here which means winter is not long behind. Because of this, there are many things you should do to your home to get ready before the cold arrives. One of these things is making sure your furnace is ready. If your furnace is getting older problems may be on the way, or it may already be having problems. Hire a professional to do furnace maintenance and repair for you even if you are the DIY type. In the long run, this will save you a lot of money as a professional will know what to look for and will do the job right.

Inspect and Repair Your Furnace

The furnace technical will start out by inspecting your furnace closely to make sure there are no problems with it. Some common problems with a furnace include:

  • Thermostat not working
  • Blower runs consistently
  • Not heating enough
  • Not heating at all
  • Furnace making noises
  • Air filter is dirty

There are more problems than this that you could be having with your furnace. 

The furnace repair technician will ask you questions about your furnace to help them determine what is going on. For example, if the furnace is not heating enough this is often due to a malfunctioning thermostat or problems with the pilot light staying lit. If the furnace is making a lot of noise this is often due to a mechanical problem, reduction in airflow or the burner may be clogged.

The furnace technician will make the needed repairs when they finish with their inspection.

Furnace Maintenance

The furnace repair technician will maintain your furnace. If you have a standard furnace this maintenance includes:

  • Inspect the vents and remove any blockages, if found.
  • Check the heat exchanger for any damage, corrosion, or other signs of problems.
  • Inspect the blower and blower motor
  • Remove debris from blower
  • Check all electrical connections
  • Inspect the flame sensor and burner
  • Make sure the thermostat is working and replace if it is old
  • Check all belts for cracks or corrosion
  • Inspect the air filter and either clean or replace it

If you have a gas furnace there are additional maintenance steps. For example, the technician will make sure there are no leaks in the fuel lines. If there are this is very dangerous for you and your family. The technician will make sure the gas pressure is correct and that the thermocouple, burner, and the pilot light are working. 

The furnace maintenance technician that you hire can go over this information with you in much more details.