Situations When New AC Installation Can Be A Good Thing

2 October 2020
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A lot of homes have standard AC units that pump cool air to keep temperatures at a comfortable range. There will be situations when this home appliance should be replaced with a brand-new AC unit. The following situations in particular might call for a new AC installation.

Unit Breaking Down Frequently

Some AC problems aren't that major. They can be fixed pretty easily by HVAC technicians and sometimes by homeowners themselves. However, if you have an AC unit that breaks down frequently like every couple of months, that could mean the unit's time is up.

If you didn't replace this unit and just left it the way it was or tried repairing it, you'll be put in the same position, and then your repair costs will just keep piling up no matter what repair efforts you try. Whereas if you got a brand-new AC unit installed, it will work perfectly for years to come.

Poor Performance Because of Old Age

Any sort of residential AC unit has a particular life expectancy. Some units can work great for 10–15 years and then others can provide optimal cooling for 20–25 years. No matter what, though, an AC unit will stop performing great after a while. 

If you have a unit that is very old and well past its projected life expectancy, then the smartest plan of attack is getting it replaced with a new AC unit. You then won't have to constantly worry about whether or not this is the day your unit breaks down for good. 

Bad-Looking Unit When Buying a Home

When you purchase a home, the AC unit is such an important appliance to really assess. It's what cools everything and it needs to be in great shape, especially since you're spending so much money on a new home already.

If you see that a home you're interested in has a bad-looking unit that seems to have a lot of visible wear, then you might be better off just having a new AC unit installed. The seller may handle this investment or you may have to. Either way, it will ensure your house cools properly when you move in.

Having a new AC unit installed by a professional company may seem like a scary and stressful investment. However, there are situations that truly warrant this big investment. If you know what these are and respond accordingly, you'll have nothing to worry about.