Furnace Repairs Your HVAC Needs When Switching From Heating to AC

27 May 2021
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As the spring months start to bring warmer weather, you want to be prepared for summer. Even though you probably haven't used your heating in weeks, there may be some furnace repairs that need to be done before switching to the air conditioner. There may be problems with the air handler, blower, or electrical components that can also affect your AC. The following furnace repairs will need to be done before switching from heating to cooling:

Electrical Issues That Affect the AC

Various electrical issues can affect your furnace and your AC. One of the problems that affect both systems is a blown capacitor. This can cause the HVAC system to not turn on when it is needed. Other issues that can cause the system to not turn on include electrical shorts, tripped breakers, and problems with the wiring of your system. These problems need to be addressed before you can use your AC.

Problems With the HVAC Blowers

The HVAC blowers are the fans that provide airflow for your heating and air conditioning. Your system may use one blower fan for the heating and cooling, which needs to be inspected and may need repairs before turning on your cooling. You may also have additional components, such as booster fans for longer runs of ducts. These booster fans also need to be inspected to ensure they are working before you start using your AC.

Damaged Air Handlers and Ductwork Problems

In modern central HVAC systems, the air handler for your furnace is often used by the AC too. This is where the air is distributed to the ducts in your home and blows through the vents. Air handlers may have mechanical features like dampers, which are used to control the airflow of your HVAC system. These dampers need to be adjusted when the seasons change and may need to be repaired if you have a zoned system with automatic dampers. You may also need to have minor damage to ducts repaired before using your AC.

Air Filtration and Purifier Issues Affecting the AC

Many modern HVAC systems also include specially designed air purification and filtration systems. These are additional mechanical components that can fail and cause problems with your furnace and AC. Therefore, if there is an issue with the air quality or poor airflow, these systems may need repairs.

The problems with your furnace can affect your AC and need to be repaired before you need your cooling. Contact a furnace repair service for help dealing with these issues before you need your AC this summer.