Fridged Home Fixes: Heating System Repairs You Will Deal With During Winter Weather

12 August 2021
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It would help if you took certain precautions to deal with heating system issues. Minor mechanical problems like a bad thermostat and broken water supply lines should be fixed soon. Thus, you should have your heating system in full working order before the snow starts falling. However, even if the worst winter snowstorm hits, it's never too late to get your heating system repaired.

Boiler and Furnace Issues

If you have an old heating system, your home may experience problems during the winter months. If you have a hydro-air or radiant heating system, the boiler might need to be serviced and repaired during the cold weather. There are also a lot of common problems with furnaces that you are going to have to deal with to keep your heating on. These furnace problems might be issues with the fan, heating element, or a thermocouple that has failed. When these problems are caught in time, a heating repair service can usually fix them in one quick visit.

Heat Pump Repairs

Many modern systems use a high-efficiency heat pump for cooling and heating during the winter months. The problem is that issues with the heat pump can cause your heating to fail when you need it most. These are common problems with ductless systems that use a heat pump for both heating and cooling. They might be due to problems with wiring, thermocouple, or the system being low on refrigerant, which also affects the heating cycle.

Blower Motor Overheating

Your furnace is running nonstop to keep you warm and so is the motor that powers your blower. The blower fan motor can overheat during the winter weather, which can cause the reset relay to be tripped. A common solution is to press the reset button to get the motor to turn back on after it has cooled. If the issues with the blower fan continue, it is probably a more serious issue that needs to be repaired. You can often tell if there are other issues with the blower if it makes noises or reduces the airflow coming out of your HVAC vents.

Electrical and Heating Thermostat Repairs

Other problems that you might have with the heating system include electrical problems. These issues are often caused by wear, but they can also be due to failing parts like an AC capacitor, which is used by both the heating and cooling of your central HVAC system. There might also be problems with the wiring of the thermostat, or it might just be old and need to be replaced if it fails during the winter months.

Learn more about heating system failures when stuck at home during winter weather. Troubleshooting the causes can help you prevent long-term issues. Contact a heating repair service near you when you need help dealing with these issues.