Common Types Of Air-Conditioning Repair You Might Need

7 September 2021
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Irrespective of your location, non-functional air-conditioning is among the worst scenarios that can happen to any home. Air-conditioning units contain various parts, such as fans and compressors, that can occasionally malfunction. Here are common types of repair your unit might need.

Compressor Repair

The compressor is a primary component of an air-conditioning unit. Its central role is to pump the unit's refrigerant throughout the unit. Therefore, your air-conditioning system cannot capture the heat from your home without the compressor circulating the coolant.

In-depth details about how compressor functions are complicated. However, you can quickly tell if the compressor needs repair by determining the air temperature. If you notice your AC is running, but the area around your home isn't getting cooler or if there's too much frost accumulation in the coils, these are warning signs that the compressor may be malfunctioning.

Leaking Refrigerant Repair

Air-conditioning units have a refrigerant that provides a cooling effect in the room, allowing the unit to run effectively. Sometimes, the refrigerant can leak, and its levels may fall below the recommended minimum. In low levels, the refrigerant isn't enough to offer the desired cooling effect, and you may notice an inefficiency with your system.

You can seek air-conditioning repair services for a leaking refrigerant. Your contractor will charge the unit with the recommended amount of coolant to improve efficiency and guarantee optimal performance.

Emergency Repair

Sometimes your air-conditioning unit can break down at an inconvenient time. When your system fails during an extremely hot day or cold night, it's easy to panic about the next cause of action.

Luckily, most HVAC contractors offer emergency repair services. Therefore, you can call your service provider if you need air-conditioning repair in a hurry or after working hours. 

Drainage Repair

As your air-conditioning cools the room, it uses a condensation process. When functioning normally, the condensation will flow from the unit and cause no issues. However, if the drainage system is clogged, the drainage can be obstructed, causing excess condensation.

If the condensation backs up and flows right back to the system, it can cause extreme damage to its components. Thus, if you notice any condensation build-up on your unit, consider getting repair services. An expert will examine the condensate lines, clear them of any clogs and treat them to prevent the growth of algae and any future clogs.

There are numerous reasons why you might need air-conditioning repair. However, often, it's because of the four issues outlined above. Remember to hire an experienced HVAC contractor for your air-conditioning repair needs.