Wondering When You Should Install A New Furnace For Your Home? 3 Reasons To Do It Soon

28 September 2021
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While most homeowners look forward to the increased comfort a new furnace could offer, they often procrastinate about moving ahead with this important home improvement. For homeowners who still have a functional furnace, the decision can be even more difficult, even if the existing furnace is approaching or has reached its expected lifespan. 

If you are among the many homeowners who struggle with the decision to schedule the installation of a new furnace, here are three important reasons that may provide the extra motivation you need for making that call. 

Heat-related expenses have risen noticeably 

In many areas of the nation, the rising costs of electricity and heating fuels are a common problem. While homeowners have little control over the price of electrical power or heating fuel, they can make changes to help them exert more control over the amount they consume for the purpose of producing home heat. 

In addition to beefing up insulation levels and utilizing the thermostat correctly, homeowners can also choose to install a new, high-efficiency furnace to reduce the amount of electricity or heating fuel their home requires to be comfortable during the winter. In addition to saving money on energy costs, the installation of a new furnace can also help to eliminate the expense of frequent repair bills that an older furnace often requires to continue heating the home.

Switching to a different type of heat would be advantageous

Changes in the petroleum and electrical production industries have resulted in cost and availability issues for consumers in some areas of the nation. Homeowners in these areas may want to consider using an upcoming furnace installation as a good time to explore switching their home to a different type of heat. For example, homeowners in areas where electrical power blackouts and brownouts are happening more frequently may find that switching to a gas furnace or a ground source heat pump could offer important benefits for their family's situation.

Home comfort needs have changed

Another important reason to replace an existing furnace with a new one is to address any changes in the home that could affect its comfort level. For example, a home that has been renovated to add additional finished space or one that has had major interior changes may require a different size furnace or even a zoned system to offer the expected level of comfort. 

Before making a decision to install a new furnace, homeowners should always take time to discuss their situation and actual heating needs with a reputable furnace installation contractor in their area.