Scheduling AC Repairs: 3 Things You Can Expect During Your Appointment

29 October 2021
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Nothing is frustrating than when your air conditioning unit fails when it's humid or hot outside. You need to contact an experienced air conditioning repair technician when this happens, or your indoor temperature will be unbearable. Sometimes the problem could be a result of a minor issue that you can handle yourself. Even so, it's best to seek the help of a professional as you could end up escalating your problem. When you call a technician for repairs, here are a few things to expect during the visit.

1. Checking the functionality of your thermostat  

When an air conditioning repair technician arrives in your home, they'll request to inspect your thermostat. This helps them rule out the possibility that your AC problem could result from an error in your thermostat setting. Your technician may check whether your thermostat is set to cool and then lower the temperature to confirm if that will start your AC. If your unit doesn't start, the chances are that your thermostat has a wiring issue.  

2. Assessing your AC electrical components

If you have a functional thermostat, but the heating and cooling around your home are significantly reduced, your technician may check your unit's electrical components. This is because its components are critical in powering different parts of your unit. Your unit could be experiencing inefficiencies because of loose electrical wires or a faulty capacitor. An experienced air conditioning repair technician will thoroughly inspect your electrical components and determine there are no issues before moving to other secondary parts. Some parts that are likely to cause inefficiencies include frozen evaporator coils, dirty ductwork, or leaking refrigerant.

3. Developing a repair plan

After a complete assessment of your unit, your technician will discuss with you the available options. If the problem requires a part to be replaced, and they don't have it readily available, they may schedule a follow-up appointment. On the other hand, if the problem requires extensive repairs, your air conditioning repair technician may recommend that you consider replacing your unit. This is an option you may want to consider if your air conditioning unit is approaching its end of life. An experienced AC repair technician will guide you through the replacement process and address all your concerns.

When your unit breaks down, and you contact an air conditioning repair technician, you may not be sure of what to expect. Luckily, the few ideas highlighted above should help ease your anxiety when seeking the help of a professional.