4 Pro AC Maintenance Tips To Practice In Your Home

24 November 2021
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Everyone wants to lengthen the life and service of their AC system while still saving their energy costs. However, few know what they can do to achieve this delicate balance. One of the best ways to ensure your unit serves you efficiently for years is by practicing excellent AC maintenance tips. Here are four main tips that can protect you from unnecessary repairs and improve comfort in your home.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

Thermostats are one of the most common reasons why people look for the services of HVAC technicians. Old generation thermostats might be effective, but there is little that you can do to automate temperature control in the house with them. You can ask a technician to assess the condition of the current thermostat and recommend a programmable one. Also, you can control the programmable thermostat from anywhere using a smart device like your smartphone. The cutting-edge technology helps you zone your home and maintain the desired temperature at different times of the day. 

Have the Air Filters Changed

Most people overlook filtration as a component of the air conditioning process. Changing the air filters should top the list of the activities you want the AC technician to perform for you when they come for routine maintenance. When you switch the filters, you improve the filtration of debris from your unit. The air that gets inside the system will be clean, minimizing the strain it has to undergo to keep your indoor conditions optimal. 

Get the Condensing System Unclogged

It is advisable to think about the value of unclogging the condensing system. The condenser attracts a lot of dirt and debris onto itself. Since the part of the unit resides outside the home, it can also attract leaves and other debris from the environment. The person handling maintenance will check the area around the unit for clearance. They should also wipe down the blades and tighten any loose screws. Typically, the technician comes with all the right equipment for the maintenance process. They will also bring a fin comb to straighten the combs on the condenser unit. 

Assessing Insulation

Insulation is a critical aspect of the overall air conditioning process. The technician assesses the current insulation level and determines how much it affects the AC unit. They will insulate the unit and recommend changes to improve the efficiency of the overall home insulation.

You should hire a reliable AC contractor to perform regular maintenance of your HVAC system. They will know how to improve the life and service of your unit.