Common Heating Problems That Could Require Furnace Repair

31 March 2022
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Every homeowner should regularly check their furnace units to ensure optimal performance. Malfunctioning furnaces cannot be relied on during cold weather, and it is important to prevent emergency breakdowns. The first thing you can do to prevent possible breakdowns is to find common problems early and find solutions. Below, you will read about common issues that affect furnaces.

The Furnace May Fail To Heat

The purpose of a furnace is to produce adequate heat and distribute it throughout the rooms. The units may run around the clock during cold days to heat the house. When the appliance fails to produce heat, it can be a major inconvenience at the worst time possible. Get in touch with a heating technician to diagnose and fix the failure.

Have your furnace checked by a licensed technician if it's blowing cold air. It could signify a faulty thermostat requiring new settings or a replacement. Also, debris or dust may have clogged the furnace, making it blow cold air. When this happens, call a technician to remove debris. You may also need to replace any damaged filters.

The Unit May Fail To Work With Automatic Settings

A furnace that works correctly can seamlessly follow automatic settings to give your desired result. However, if it fails to turn on when needed automatically and the rooms become cold, there is an issue. The issue might require a quick fix, like applying new settings. It may also indicate a bigger concern like a faulty circuit breaker or a thermostat with low temperatures. Get a heating repair technician to check the circuit breaker, adjust the thermostat and allow the unit to turn on automatically.

The Furnace May Short Cycle

The unit will also need repair if it turns on and off several times after setting your desired temperature. If the appliance exhibits this issue, it may lead to short cycling. This is where the machine frequently turns on and off without reaching the temperature you need. This problem may arise when airflow decreases, thus causing short cycling.

If this happens, call a heating repair technician. The qualified heating technician will check to find the underlying problem and then offer a lasting solution.

Loud Or Strange Noises

Furnaces produce certain sounds during regular function. However, if you hear strange sounds, it may indicate a furnace breakdown. It could point to a build-up of soot and residue inside the burners. This problem leads to delays in the combustion process.

You may also hear loud scraping noises if connected metals rub against each other. If this happens, call a furnace repair professional promptly.

Regular inspections of your furnace prevent an emergency breakdown that could disrupt your household. However, if the unit stops working, call your licensed heating technician immediately. The professional will diagnose the issues and provide solutions.