3 Furnace Repair Issues That Require A Contractor's Attention

28 April 2022
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Furnace problems can cause chaos in your house, especially during frigid winters when you need to keep your house warm. Even if your heating system is set up in the best way possible, after operating for a while, some of its parts may get old and break down. This breakdown could also be attributed to a failure to diagnose issues early and have them fixed. Thankfully, contractors know how to identify furnace issues and can get them addressed before they escalate. Keep reading to learn three furnace repair issues that need their attention. 

Filter Issues

The filter performs a crucial function. It's responsible for purifying the air circulating through your home and boosting your HVAC system's performance. It also shields the blower fan from getting clogged with dust that may affect your indoor air's quality. This component needs to be changed frequently to keep your system operating effectively. Contractors can identify clogged or dirty filters that minimize a furnace's function and clean it to protect your limit switch and other vital components of your furnace from damage. They'll also change it for you to enable only fresh and clean air, free from allergens and dust bunnies to circulate in your home.

Ignition Problems 

Your furnace relies on an electric ignition to produce a flame that lights and activates the pilot. If this component has issues, your system will produce a limited amount of heat, constantly start and stop, or have an overactive blower. Ignitions could be damaged by electrical surges and malfunctioned limiting switches. HVAC technicians can inspect your ignition to find out its real issue. However, before conducting this task, they'll check if your breakers are blown or tripped. If they find an issue, they'll fix it. They'll also repair the thermostat or replace the igniter if it's so old. 

Odd Noises

If your furnace is producing odd sounds, it has a mechanical issue. This can be caused by clogged burners, blower motors that aren't properly lubricated, or bearings that need to be fixed. The noises could be rattling, squealing, scraping, or grinding. It's vital to contact a contractor immediately if you hear any strange noise coming from your system. They'll diagnose your unit and determine the causes of the noise. They'll also tighten the belt and blower, clean the burner, and screw the ducts to keep your home peaceful and safe from disturbances.

Furnaces are integral components of any home. If you want to be warm throughout the winter, you should schedule a repair as soon as you notice they have problems. Luckily, contractors are committed and willing to help anyone with furnace issues.