Why Won't Your Central AC Turn On?

6 September 2022
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If you start noticing that your house seems hotter than usual in the summer, you might go to your thermostat to see the temperature. If the temperature reading is higher than it should be, you might wonder why your AC system isn't turning on. An air conditioning system won't turn on if there is a problem preventing it from running, but what problems cause this to occur? Here are some of the issues.

Thermostat is not working

First, what do you notice when you look at your thermostat? If you have a digital thermostat, you'll know there's a problem if you see a blank screen. If this is the case, the battery is probably bad in the device. Replacing the battery might solve the issue. A thermostat that isn't calibrated properly can also cause the system not to run. Therefore, the problem might be in the thermostat even if the screen isn't blank.

Bad wiring in the condenser

The condenser is the outdoor part of your AC system, and it can experience some issues that prevent a system from working. One common problem is bad wiring. Rodents can get inside the condenser and might chew the wires if they enter it. If this happens, your system won't be able to turn on, so this is a problem you should look at when diagnosing the issues.

Coolant leak

The coolant is the substance that extracts heat from the air, leaving your house cooler when the AC runs. However, the system can't function without enough coolant. If the coolant leaks from the device, the device might not even turn on. Therefore, you might need an AC repair company to test the coolant level and fill it before your system will operate properly.

System is shot

There is also a chance that your system is worn-out and shot. Air conditioning systems won't last forever, but they will last many years. If your system is old and won't turn on, there is a chance you'll need to replace it, as it might be shot.

Call an AC repair company

If you can't figure out the problem or fix the issue, you'll need to hire a company that can. You can contact a business that offers air conditioning repairs when you experience a problem like this, and they can fix it for you.

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