2 Questions To Ask Before Having A Central A/C System Installed For Your Home

7 December 2022
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Whether your old air conditioner has finally broken down or your home does not already have a system in place, you may have decided it's time to install a new central air conditioning system for your home. Because of the specialized work involved with the installation, you may have already decided to have a professional put the system in for you.

When you first speak with the contractor, you should ask questions about the process, especially about the paperwork involved. Below are a couple of questions you should ask the HVAC professional before you have them install a new A/C system in your home.

1. Will the Contractor Take Care of Any Permits Needed Before Installation Work Begins?

One question you should ask the contractor before work begins has to do with any permits that may be required. Depending on how much work will be involved with the installation and your local building regulations, you may need to have a permit before the installation starts.

Since the installer will know what permits are required, ask them if you will need to have one and whether they obtain it for you. If they are not able to do so, they can direct you to where you need to go to fill out the application for the permit.

2. Does the Installer Offer Additional Warranties on the System and the Installation Work Itself?

Another question you should ask the installer has to do with warranties. Does the installer offer additional warranties on the system and the installation work itself?

While your new A/C system should have a warranty, the contractor may offer an extended warranty that will cover parts and labor during the installation. While it is unlikely that anything will happen, you want to have peace of mind that the contractor will return to fix anything in case something does go wrong with the system.

Before you have a new central A/C system installed in your home, asking the questions above can help you get the paperwork in order. The contractor can either take care of the required permits for you or direct you as to where you need to go to obtain them. You can also discuss any additional warranties they offer on the system and installation labor in the unlikely event something happens in the future.

For more information, speak with an HVAC contractor about your upcoming residential air conditioning installation