3 Air Conditioning Maintenance Services Your Technician May Provide During A Service Call

19 July 2023
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You can get air conditioning maintenance services any time of year, but spring is the best time so you can get your equipment ready for summer. This type of annual service is provided by a licensed HVAC technician so you have proof of service for your warranty. During an annual service call, the technician checks the condenser parts and the AC parts in the air handler. Here are three important air conditioning maintenance services the technician should provide.

1. Remove Airflow Restrictions

Air needs to flow freely through the air handler and condenser or problems may develop with the equipment. The technician may need to change a dirty filter, unblock a register, and clean debris out of condenser fins to make sure the equipment gets proper airflow. The technician may also remind you of the importance of changing the filter regularly and the need to trim around the condenser to keep weeds from blocking ventilation.

When ventilation is restricted, your AC might ice over, overheat and shut down, or drive up your power bill. You'll want to check your AC regularly throughout the summer for blocked airflow so you can remove the problem and restore proper ventilation.

2. Clean Dirty Equipment

The technician will probably check the blower fan and evaporator coil in the air handler and clean dust off of them if they're dirty. A dirty coil can make the AC ice over and shut down, so it needs to be kept clean. The technician may also check the drain on the condensation line to make sure it doesn't have a clog in it that could cause water to overflow on the floor.

Air conditioning maintenance services may also include cleaning out the condenser if insects or mice moved in over the winter. You're technician may need to remove debris so it won't be in the way to block airflow or cause problems with the wiring.

3. Service Faulty Parts

The technician may check the fuses, wiring, and capacitor in the condenser for signs of problems and replace parts if needed. They may also check the blower and motor in the air handler and replace a belt if it's bad. They might need to lubricate parts and replace any part that's been damaged.

They'll also test the refrigerant to make sure it's not leaking. If a leak is found, it needs to be repaired so the refrigerant is full when you're ready to start running your air conditioner. Preventative maintenance on the parts is an important air conditioning maintenance service since a faulty part makes your AC inefficient and a bad part could even cause damage to another part and escalate the price of repairs. To learn more about air conditioning maintenance services, look at more info online from reputable sources.